Top 30 Haunted Places in India: Unveiling the Mysteries

Haunted Places in India: India, renowned for its many cultures and customs, also encompasses a plethora of supernatural beliefs and haunting stories that permeate its numerous bustling urban centres and serene natural environments. Embedded within these regions are enigmatic locales wherever the coexistence of life and death is veiled – sites renowned for spectral apparitions or actual horrifying occurrences, hence bestowing upon them the distinction of being among India’s foremost haunted destinations. As part of our investigation into the “Top 30 Haunted Places in India,” we shall analyse them.

Haunted Places in Northern India

Northern India, an area rich in history and folklore, boasts numerous haunted locations that you might encounter on your travels.

1.Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Recognized as one of India’s most haunted locations, Bhangarh Fort has long been held to be cursed and visitors have reported hearing strange sounds, inexplicable shadows, and feeling afraid after dark at this haunted fortress. According to legend, its curse may stem from tragic love stories which ended tragically – some visitors even report hearing voices emanating from nowhere! It’s thought to have started from tragic love affairs which resulted in fatalities which began years earlier and began spreading after.

2.Delhi Cantonment

Tales of restless spirits and unexplained events can often be heard about in Delhi Cantonment. A well-known incident involves an apparently haunted house where residents and visitors alike have seen strange apparitions leaving many feeling threatened and terrified.

3.Shimla’s Gaiety Theatre

This historic theater in Shimla echoes with tales from its past. One event that sent chills down audience and actor alike were unexplainable dimming of lights as well as feelings of an unseen presence during live performances, leaving some unnerved.

4.Rana Kumbha Palace, Chittorgarh

With its turbulent past and haunted architecture, this palace is said to be haunted by ghostly spirits of those who met tragic ends within. Visitors have reported hearing faint cries or footsteps echoing throughout its deserted corridors.

Haunted Places in Southern India

Down south, the haunting legends persist.

5.Dumas Beach, Gujarat

From serene beach by day to unnerved territory by nightfall, Dumas Beach transforms into an unearthly realm after dusk falls. Locals report experiencing ghostly appearances, inexplicable sounds and an otherworldly vibe which have left visitors unsettled and fearful of visiting here again.

6.The Banyan Tree, Delhi

This centuries-old tree casts long shadows and exudes an air of foreboding, leading some witnesses to report seeing what they believed was an angry spirit in white near it, leaving witnesses transfixed in fear and shock.

7.Bangalore’s Victoria Hospital

With its impressive architecture comes evidence of shadowy figures roaming its halls after dark and nurses coming across ghostly patients or hearing odd sounds coming from its vacant wings, real horror incidents have occurred here.

8.Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

These abandoned mines offer visitors an eerie legacy to visit; visitors have reported sudden drops in temperature, unexplainable noises and feeling as if being watched while exploring these desolate tunnels.

Haunted Places in Western India

Western India boasts its own share of ghostly tales.

Top 30 Haunted Places in India: Unveiling the Mysteries

9.Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune

Known for strange events such as hearing the mournful cry for help of an unfortunate prince on full moon nights echo through its walls, believed to be caused by restless spirits who perished within its walls, this majestic fort offers incredible scenic beauty with many supernatural attractions such as Shaniwar Wada Fort being located there.

10.D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

D’Souza Chawl is an area in which residents share space with ghostly spirits of those long dead. There have been real horror incidents here such as residents witnessing ghost-like figures or feeling an unexplainable chill within their own homes.

11.Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Rich with history and known for eerie encounters, thrill-seekers will experience an unforgettable night here at this historical hotel. In one documented incident, guests reported encountering a lady dressed in ballroom garb who vanished into thin air leaving an icy breeze behind her.

12.Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad continues to experience stories of supernatural encounters; real horror incidents include accounts from film crew members stating they encountered shadowy figures or heard inexplicable whispers while working on movie sets.

Haunted Places in Eastern India

Venturing into the eastern part of the country, we encounter more spine-tingling tales.

13.Dow Hill, Kurseong

Rumors swirl about Dow Hill that an uneasiness lingers there, sending chills down locals’ spines. Actual horror incidents involve sightings of an invisible boy wandering the forest before dissipating into thin air when approached.

14.Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata

While an everyday place, this station hides a dark secret which commuters have reported witnessing: an unseen figure wearing white sari vanishes as soon as a train approaches!

15.National Library, Kolkata

With its impressive collection and stories of its books moving on their own, this library appears to possess its own life force. Librarians reported seeing books flying off shelves at nightfall before rearrange themselves again!

16.Writer’s Building, Kolkata

Writer’s Building in Kolkata has long been associated with ghostly sightings, adding another layer to its mystique. Security personnel have reported encountering British-era spirits who roam through its corridors eerie-esquely – often seen lingering near a doorway!

Haunted Places in Central India

Central India beckons the brave to delve into its haunted history.

Top 30 Haunted Places in India: Unveiling the Mysteries

17.Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Surrounded by natural beauty, this hotel also hides a darker side where guests have experienced unexplainable incidents like sudden drops in room temperature or flickering lights, along with feeling an unseen presence present. Real horror incidents reported include sudden temperature decreases or drops, flickering lights or feeling that an unseen presence exists within their space.

18.Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station in Delhi has earned itself the distinction of a haunted station due to reports of uncanny incidents on its platforms, where real horror incidents include passengers hearing ghostly calls for assistance and encountering shadowy figures on deserted platforms.

19.Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Malcha Mahal in Delhi’s dense forests is known to exude an eerie ambience that draws in those daring to venture through its crumbling halls and explore. Real horror incidents may involve sightings of an unknown female ghost (thought to be princess seeking eternal rest).

20.Fern Hill, Ooty

Renowned for unexplained phenomena such as feeling someone watching them or cold drafts and hearing footsteps moving along unlit corridors at nighttime, this hotel has developed quite the reputation among guests as well as staff alike. Many real horror incidents have taken place here and guests reported feeling as if someone is following them around; others even reported feeling their footsteps moving across empty hallways!

Haunted Places in Northeast India

Our journey through haunted India now takes us to the enchanting landscapes of the northeast.

21.Jatinga Bird Suicide Point, Assam

Scientists remain mystified by this strange phenomena attributed by some to supernatural forces. Real horror incidents involve migrating birds suddenly collapsing to their deaths during certain months and leaving locals baffled.

22.Haflong Hill, Assam

Believed to be haunted by ghost Hoollongapar Gibbons, Haflong Hill adds an air of mystery and horror when people hear gibbon calls at night when no such animals live there. Real horror incidents involve hearing sounds that sound similar to gibbon calls at this location but no known gibbons reside here!

23.Rajbari, Cooch Behar

Rajbari Palace in Cooch Behar is home to legends of tragic love stories and ghostly sightings; real horror incidents include sightings of an unseen couple walking hand-in-hand through its gardens in traditional attire.

Haunted Places in Western Himalayas

The Western Himalayas are not just known for their scenic beauty; they hide secrets in their rugged terrain.

24.Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Despite being over a hundred years old, Charleville Mansion in Shimla is notoriously haunted. Stories abound of mysterious footsteps walking empty hallways; doors opening and closing on their own; as well as mysterious shadows moving independently of human presence.

25.Kasauli Graveyard, Himachal Pradesh

Said to have originated during British colonial rule, Kasauli Graveyard has long been believed to be haunted by ghostly presences; visitors have reported encounters with ghostly figures as well as mysterious lights or sounds within its confines. Real horror incidents involve witnessing ghost-like apparitions or experiencing unusual sounds at this graveyard.

26.The Grand Hotel, Shimla

An old colonial-era hotel rumoured to have ghostly presences roaming its corridors. Many horror incidents reported include guests seeing ghostly figures dressed in flowing gowns who mysteriously vanish when approached – some guests even report witnessing these sightings!

Haunted Places in Western Ghats

The Western Ghats, with their lush greenery, are not immune to the supernatural.

27.Baker Street, Mysore

For years now, this colonial-era street has fascinated and terrified its residents with a haunted house that has captured their attention and terrorized them for real horror incidents such as strange sounds, shadowy figures and objects moving of their own accord within its confines. Witnesses report hearing strange sounds or seeing shadowy figures moving objects around mysteriously within its boundaries – reports which include hearing unexplainable sounds at nighttime as well as seeing objects move all by themselves within this house!

28.Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

These abandoned textile mills with stories of strange encounters make a hotspot for paranormal enthusiasts, offering real horror incidents like witnessing workers’ ghostly figures or hearing strange machinery sounds in these eerie mills. Real horror incidents even included visitors witnessing workers ghostly forms or experiencing chilling atmosphere inside these abandoned textile mills!

Haunted Places in Eastern Himalayas

The Eastern Himalayas, with their mystical aura, also harbor haunted tales.

29.Raj Bhavan, Darjeeling

Rumors circulate that this governor’s residence has unexplainable occurrences that add an air of mystery and add suspense. Security personnel report hearing strange sounds or experiencing lights flickering and the feeling that someone or something is watching them.

30.Ranikhet’s Golf Course

This gorgeous golf course, known for its haunted atmosphere and supernatural presence has left both visitors and golfers baffled. Real horror incidents reported include hearing ghostly laughter as well as seeing visions of an unseen lady wearing white attire who roams about.

Tips for Visiting Haunted Places

Before setting off on any ghostly adventure, it’s essential to take precautions. Be sensitive and considerate of local customs and traditions when visiting these locations; traveling in groups is also advised, along with carrying essential supplies for emergency purposes. Furthermore, notify someone of your whereabouts so as to put safety before curiosity; remember, while supernatural tales may fascinate, responsible and respectful behavior is crucially important!


Our journey through India’s “Top 30 Haunted Places” comes to a close and it leaves us reflecting upon all of its myriad experiences and stories that make up its fabric of existence. Each location and every story adds another layer to its mysticism and splendor; these haunted locations don’t just serve as campfire tales – they offer insight into human fascination with what lies beyond.

Closing Thoughts

By sharing these tales, we invite you to contribute your experiences and tales related to these mysterious locations. Paranormal phenomena continue to fascinate human imagination; haunted sites play their part in keeping this fascination alive in us all. On your adventure of uncovering their mysteries may you uncover deeper connections to India’s mysterious side and connect more closely to its spiritual heart – staying curious yet safe while exploring this diverse land full of mythical characters!

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