Cheapest country to visit from India in Affordable Budget: Budget-Friendly Countries to Explore for Indian Travellers. 

If you are planning to vacation outside India on a very low budget then we have a list of cheapest countries to visit from India. India, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, has a population of avid travellers always on the lookout for economical destinations to satiate their wanderlust. Fortunately, there are numerous cheapest and nearest countries across the globe that offer a fantastic travel experience without burning a hole in your pocket. In this article, we will explore some of the cheap countries to visit from India, ensuring a memorable and affordable vacation.


Sharing a border with India, Nepal is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. With its stunning Himalayan landscapes, ancient temples, and warm hospitality, Nepal provides a budget-friendly escape. From the bustling streets of Kathmandu to the serene beauty of Pokhara and the Annapurna Circuit for trekking, Nepal has something for every traveller.

Nepal and Indian culture are similarly the same.And mainly Nepal is visa free country for Indian citizens. If you want to travel to Nepal you don’t need to apply Visa for Nepal, You just carry your Identity of Indian Voting Card.

Sri Lanka:

 Sri Lanka is also one of the best And cheapest countries to visit from India. is Just a short flight away from India, Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of experiences. From pristine beaches to lush tea plantations and ancient ruins, this island nation is a budget-friendly destination with a unique blend of culture and nature. The local cuisine, friendly locals, and affordable accommodation make Sri Lanka an attractive option for Indian travellers.

Sri Lanka is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia.If tourists want to travel abroad from India on a cheap budget ,Sri Lanka is the best destination for enjoyable  and relaxing Places.Which offers pristine beaches, world heritage Places,rich in wildlife and cultural festivals and budget friendly accommodation also.


Known for its vibrant street life, exotic beaches, and bustling markets, Thailand is a perennial favourite among Indian travellers seeking an affordable getaway. With a variety of options ranging from the bustling cityscape of Bangkok to the serene beauty of the Thai islands, Thailand caters to all preferences. The reasonable cost of living, local street food, and budget accommodation options make it an economical  cheapest country choice for Indian tourists.

Thailand is mainly famous for their nightlife activities and parties. Most of the cities in Thailands are known for never sleeping. Thailand’s main city is Bangkok which offers a variety of nightlife activities like full moon parties ,trendy rooftop bars and  vibrant night markets.If tourists want to read about Thailand nightlife plz read this article“Thailand After Dark: Unveiling the Secret of Nightlife Adventures”


Vietnam, with its captivating history, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine, is an increasingly popular destination for Indian travellers. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam offers a diverse range of experiences at affordable prices. Local street food is not only delicious but also light on the pocket, making it a budget-friendly culinary adventure.

Vietnam is the  safest  and cheapest budget friendly country to the Indian Travelers in Asia.Which  offers safe Tourism for travellers,best services on arrival of visa, transportation and accommodation. The distance between  Vietnam to  Indian  major cities like New Delhi to Hanoi is very less. You can also reach Vietnam by air, sea and by flight for more information on how to reach Vietnam from India plz visit this Reach  India to Vietnam Distance: By Air, Sea and By Road.


Home to the iconic Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia is a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. Apart from exploring the ancient wonders of Angkor, visitors can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Phnom Penh, relax on the beaches of Sihanoukville, and experience the unique culture of this Southeast Asian nation. Cambodia’s affordable accommodation and inexpensive local transportation make it an ideal destination for budget-conscious Indian travellers.

Cambodia has the best days to visit from november to february.which weather goes to low in 20 degree celsius which gives a pleasant adventuring tour experience. Activities famous for tourism like Hot air balloons, River cruise. Bird sanctuary.


Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is gradually opening up to tourism, offering Indian travellers an opportunity to explore its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From the ancient temples of Bagan to the serene landscapes of Inle Lake, Myanmar provides a unique and affordable travel experience. Local markets, street food, and reasonably priced guest houses contribute to making Myanmar an attractive destination for budget travellers.

Myanmar is rich in cultural and natural beauty which is unexplored.myanmar also offers adventurous and exciting destinations at the very cheapest budget for Indian travellers. From snow covered mountains to crystal clear water beaches totally blessed by nature.

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For Indian travellers seeking affordable international destinations, these countries offer a perfect blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation without breaking the bank. From the towering peaks of Nepal to the tropical beaches of Thailand, these budget-friendly countries provide a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveller. So pack your bags, embark on a budget-friendly adventure to visit the cheapest country from India, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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