MYSORE DASARA FESTIVAL SEASON: Nestled in the heart of Karnataka, India, the city of Mysore comes alive every year with a riot of colors, music, and pomp during the world-renowned Mysore Dasara festival. This grand celebration, also known as Navratri, is a ten-day celebration that honors the victory of the goddess Chamundeshwari over the demon Mahishasura. As per our  history, culture, and tradition, the Mysore Dasara festival is a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy.

Mysore Dasara Festival

1. A Royal Legacy: historical and royal legacy of Wodeyar family

The Mysore Dasara festival has a history that dates back to the 15th century when the Wodeyar dynasty ruled the region. The festival is a symbol of Karnataka’s rich cultural heritage and the legacy of the Wodeyars, who were great patrons of the arts and culture. The festivities are held in the magnificent Mysore Palace, a stunning architectural masterpiece that showcases the opulence and grandeur of the royal family.

2. The Festival Timeline: Ten days of divine celebration

  • The Inauguration: The festival kicks off with a grand procession where the idol of goddess Chamundeshwari is placed in a golden howdah AMBARI IN KANNADA. This majestic event is marked by the firing of a 21-gun salute and a ceremonial procession led by caparisoned elephants, traditional folk dancers, and musicians.
Mysore Royal Palace
  • Ayudha Puja: On the ninth day of Dasara, people worship their tools, vehicles, and instruments, seeking the blessing of the goddess for prosperity and success. This day is a tribute to the skills and craftsmanship of the people.
  • Vijayadashami: The grand finale of the festival, on the tenth day, is celebrated with a colorful procession featuring beautifully adorned elephants, folk dances, and various cultural performances. The procession concludes with a torchlight parade, a testament to the city’s rich heritage.

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3. Cultural Extravaganza:Art, Dance, and Music at Their Finest

Mysore Dasara is not just about religious fervour; it’s also a celebration of art, culture, and music. Throughout the festival, you can immerse yourself in the soul-stirring beats of traditional drums, graceful dance performances, and melodious music. The city comes alive with cultural events and exhibitions that showcase the rich tapestry of Karnataka’s artistic heritage.

4. Food Delights: Flavors of Karnataka

The festival is also a food lover’s paradise. You can savor delicious Mysore Pak, a sweet treat famous in this region, along with a plethora of South Indian delicacies like dosas, idlis, and vadas. The local cuisine is a reflection of the city’s diverse culture and traditions.

5. Shopping Extravaganza: Treasures Await in the Dasara Exhibition

The Mysore Dasara is a shopaholic’s delight. The Dasara exhibition, a sprawling fairground, is a treasure trove of traditional handicrafts, silk sarees, jewelry, and souvenirs. It’s the perfect place to pick up unique mementos of your visit to Mysore.

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6. Exploring Mysore: Other Places to Visit In Mysore.

In addition to the festivities, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the enchanting city of Mysore. Visit the iconic Mysore Palace, the beautiful Brindavan Gardens, and the tranquil Chamundi Hill. Mysore’s rich history is reflected in its architecture, making it a perfect destination for history enthusiasts and architecture aficionados.


Mysore Dasara is not just a festival; it’s an experience that immerses you in the cultural richness and historical grandeur of Karnataka. It’s a journey back in time to the era of kings and queens, where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony. So, make a date with Mysore during Dasara, and be prepared to be mesmerised by the grandeur and splendour of this regal celebration.

1) What Are The Other Places To Visit in Mysore during Dasara ?

ANS: Best Entertaining Place in Mysore During Dasara In Mysore The Famous Mysore Zoo is Best to visit, Nandi Hills, Also KRS dam , Brindhavan Garden, Light and Water show, water show with music also famous in night At KRS dam.

2) What is KRS dam?

ANS: The full form of KRS dam is “KrishnaRajaSagara Dam. The Maharaja of Mysore Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV constructed this Dam.

3) What is the Distance between Mysore Palace to KRS dam ?

ANS: The Distance Between KRS dam to Mysore Place is just 22 km. It Takes 35 mnts Drive to Reach destination.

4) How Many Days Of Dasara is Celebrated In Mysore?

ANS: Its a 10 Day Celebration. First Nine days are celebrated as Navaratri, and last day is Vijaydashami.

5) What Is Famous In Mysore Dasara?

Mysore Dasra Ambhari, Mysore Dasara Elephant Walk

ANS: The Main Attraction is a Jambu Savari Of Idol of Goddess Maa Chamundeshwari, Which is Placed in Golden Mantapa ( 750 kilograms of gold) Called AMBHARI. WHich is Carried on Elephants.

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