Best Places to Visit in Puri

Puri, an enchanting seaside town situated in the eastern piece of India, is a famous location known for its lovely sea shores, rich social legacy, and lively strict importance. In the event that you’re arranging an excursion to Puri, here’s a rundown of the most ideal getaway destinations to capitalize on your excursion.

Puri Beach

Puri Ocean side stands apart as the town’s most valuable pearl. Its brilliant sands and quieting waves make it an optimal spot for loosening up and lounging in nature’s quality. You can walk comfortable by the shore, build sandcastles, or simply pause for a moment and respect the view. For those looking for thrills, the ocean side gives invigorating water sports like stream skiing and parasailing. It’s where you can embrace the quietness of the ocean or fulfill your audacious soul with energizing exercises.

Puri Ocean side has something for everybody, making it a must-visit objective for an essential and loosening up experience.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Sanctuary is a famous sanctuary in India, attracting endless pioneers to Puri. Given to Ruler Jagannath, it holds colossal importance for Hindus. While the sanctuary limits section for non-Hindus, the surprising design and the enthusiastic climate encompassing it are genuinely spellbinding. The transcending towers and complicated carvings on the sanctuary’s veneer leave guests in wonderment. The sanctuary complex incorporates a few more modest holy places, a kitchen that takes care of thousands day to day, and flawlessly manicured gardens.

The profound energy and dedication inside the sanctuary’s premises are substantial, even to the individuals who can’t enter. A visit to Puri would be fragmented without encountering the Jagannath Sanctuary’s greatness and otherworldliness.

Gundicha Temple

The Gundicha Temple is another religious site of significance, dedicated to Lord Jagannath’s aunt, Gundicha. During the Rath Yatra festival, a grand procession transports Lord Jagannath’s idols to this temple. Even if your visit falls outside the festival period, the temple’s tranquil ambiance and architectural elegance are a treat to behold.

The temple’s architecture reflects classic Odisha style, characterized by ornate stone carvings and a serene courtyard. It offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of Puri, allowing visitors to connect with spirituality and admire the intricate craftsmanship that adorns the temple’s structure. A visit to Gundicha Temple is a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious heritage of Puri.

Chilika Lake

For nature enthusiasts, a journey to Chilika Lake is a must. This lake is the largest coastal lagoon in all of Asia, and it’s a haven for a wide variety of plants and animals. When you venture out on a boat ride across the lake, you’ll have the chance to witness the astonishing Irrawaddy dolphins in their natural habitat. The serene surroundings provide a sense of tranquility that’s truly captivating.

Chilika Lake offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, making it an essential destination for those who appreciate the great outdoors.

Konark Sun Temple

A brief drive from Puri will lead you to the Konark Sun Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This architectural wonder is designed in the shape of a chariot, featuring intricately carved stone wheels. The temple is a dedicated tribute to the Sun God, showcasing the rich heritage of Odisha. The intricate carvings and the temple’s overall design are awe-inspiring. A visit here allows you to step back in time and admire the incredible craftsmanship of Odisha’s historical past.

Raghurajpur Artist Village

For a delightful experience of traditional Odia art and culture, make your way to the Raghurajpur Artist Village. Here, you can witness highly skilled artisans crafting Pattachitra paintings, palm leaf engravings, and other traditional crafts. The village is a treasure trove of authentic souvenirs, offering a chance to support local artists while acquiring unique mementos of your visit.

The artists’ dedication and talent are on full display, creating an enriching experience that brings you closer to the heart of Odisha’s artistic traditions.

Sudarshan Crafts Museum

The Sudarshan Crafts Museum offers yet another opportunity to embrace artistry. Inside its walls, you’ll discover an extensive array of sculptures and traditional crafts. What makes this place special is the chance to witness skilled artisans in action, creating these beautiful pieces right before your eyes. As they work their magic, you can gain insight into the intricate processes behind these artistic creations.

The museum serves as a window into the world of Odisha’s craftsmanship, providing an enriching experience for art enthusiasts and anyone interested in the creative process.

Narendra Tank

The Narendra Tank is a sacred pond situated in close proximity to the Jagannath Temple. Local belief holds that taking a dip in this tank prior to visiting the temple brings purification and spiritual cleansing. The tank’s serene ambiance and the presence of various shrines surrounding it make it a peaceful place for contemplation and reflection. As you visit this sacred site, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the spiritual essence of Puri and experience the rituals that hold significance for the local community.

It’s a tranquil spot where you can find solace and appreciate the spiritual traditions of the region.

Beach Markets

Best Places to Visit in Puri

Don’t miss out on exploring the lively beach markets in Puri. These markets offer a delightful shopping experience where you can find a variety of souvenirs, jewelry, textiles, and locally crafted handicrafts. The bustling atmosphere and the chance to engage with friendly local vendors enhance the overall charm of these markets. Whether you’re searching for keepsakes to remember your trip by or seeking unique gifts for loved ones back home, the beach markets in Puri are the place to be.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and bring home a piece of Puri’s vibrant spirit.

Local Cuisine

During your stay in Puri, make it a point to savor the local cuisine, which is renowned for its rich flavors and straightforward preparations. Some of the must-try dishes include:

  • Dalma: A hearty lentil and vegetable preparation that’s both comforting and delicious.
  • Machha Besara: Indulge in the flavors of fish cooked in a tantalizing mustard gravy that’s a local specialty.
  • Pakhala: Experience the unique taste of fermented rice, a traditional Odia dish often enjoyed with various accompaniments.
  • Rasgulla: Conclude your culinary journey with the famous Rasgulla, a delectable dessert that originated in Odisha. Its spongy texture and sweet syrup make it a delightful treat.

Exploring the local cuisine in Puri is a delightful adventure for your taste buds, allowing you to relish the authentic flavors of the region and discover the culinary heritage of Odisha.


Puri offers a diverse range of experiences, from spirituality and culture to nature and relaxation. Whether you’re a pilgrim, a beach lover, or an art enthusiast, this charming coastal town has something to offer everyone. With its warm hospitality and a mix of traditional and modern attractions, Puri is a destination that will leave you with lasting memories.

So, pack your bags, plan your trip, and get ready to explore the best places Puri has to offer. Whether you’re taking in the serene beauty of the beach, seeking spiritual solace in the temples, or immersing yourself in local art and cuisine, Puri has a lot to offer for an unforgettable journey.

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