After the wedding festivities have died down, the newlyweds embark on the most magical trip of all: the honeymoon. There is no shortage of magnificent scenery, vibrant culture, and friendly locals in Mexico, making it an ideal honeymoon or anniversary getaway. Listed below are the best 10 honeymoon resorts in Mexico, each of which has its own special combination of romance, excitement, and leisure.

1. Tulum: Where Beaches Meet History and Charm


Nestled along the Caribbean coastline, Tulum is a paradise where turquoise waters kiss powdery white sands. The allure doesn’t end with its beaches; Tulum also boasts the mystique of ancient Mayan ruins that overlook the sea. Explore the ruins hand in hand and enjoy the captivating blend of history and nature. With vibrant local markets and a bohemian atmosphere, Tulum provides a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration.

2. Cabo San Lucas: Luxurious Coastline and Vibrant Nights

Cabo San Lucas is synonymous with luxury and natural beauty. The iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas and Lover’s Beach paint an ethereal backdrop for honeymooners. Luxuriate in world-class resorts offering stunning ocean views and pampering amenities. When the sun sets, the city comes alive with a vibrant nightlife, promising unforgettable evenings of dining and dancing.

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3. Playa del Carmen: A Lively Coastal Escape

With its vibrant energy and stunning beaches, Playa del Carmen offers the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. Stroll along the bustling Fifth Avenue, filled with shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Dip your toes in the crystalline waters or take a ferry to Cozumel for world-class diving and snorkeling. For an immersive experience, visit the Xcaret Park, where nature and Mexican culture harmoniously converge.

4. Puerto Vallarta: Romantic Ambiance and Natural Beauty

Puerto Vallarta exudes an intimate charm that’s perfect for honeymooners seeking a mix of culture and relaxation. Wander through the cobbled streets of Old Town, discovering local art galleries and quaint boutiques. Take a boat tour to the stunning Marietas Islands or the quieter beaches of Sayulita. The vibrant sunsets of Puerto Vallarta are the perfect backdrop for romance.


5. Mexico City: Urban Elegance and Cultural Heritage

For couples seeking an urban adventure, Mexico City beckons with its vibrant neighborhoods and rich history. Explore the grandeur of Chapultepec Castle and revel in the world-class museums, such as the Frida Kahlo Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology. From street food to haute cuisine, the culinary scene is a journey in itself.

6. Riviera Maya: Nature’s Extravaganza

The Riviera Maya is a nature lover’s paradise, offering an array of eco-parks, pristine beaches, and underwater wonders. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Xel-Há and Xplor, where you can snorkel, zip-line, and cave swim. Dive into the Great Maya Reef for an enchanting underwater experience or unwind in eco-friendly resorts nestled in lush landscapes.

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7. Zihuatanejo: Secluded Serenity and Coastal Charm

Zihuatanejo provides a tranquil escape for honeymooners seeking seclusion. Unwind on serene beaches, take leisurely strolls through vibrant markets, and enjoy freshly caught seafood. Engage in water activities such as sailing, fishing, and surfing, or simply revel in the calming beauty of this coastal gem.

8. Oaxaca: Cultural Enchantment and Artistic Flair

Oaxaca, with its colonial architecture and indigenous traditions, offers a unique blend of heritage and romance. Explore the captivating archaeological sites of Monte Albán and Mitla, or stroll through bustling markets filled with vibrant textiles and handicrafts. Indulge in the rich flavors of Oaxacan cuisine, including the famous mole dishes.

9. Puerto Escondido: Surf, Sand, and Tranquility

For couples seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation, Puerto Escondido is a surfer’s haven. Ride the waves at the famed Zicatela Beach, known for its powerful surf breaks. As the day winds down, savor serene sunsets and indulge in yoga and wellness retreats for a truly holistic honeymoon experience.

10. Isla Holbox: Unspoiled Beauty and Secluded Escapes

Isla Holbox offers an escape to an untouched paradise. This car-free island boasts powdery white sands, shallow turquoise waters, and a serene ambiance. Swim with gentle whale sharks, a mesmerizing and eco-friendly adventure, or simply laze in hammocks by the sea, creating cherished memories of togetherness.


Mexico’s diverse honeymoon destinations cater to every couple’s dream, whether it’s unwinding on pristine beaches, exploring ancient ruins, or indulging in cultural experiences. From the allure of Tulum’s history to the luxuries of Cabo San Lucas, these top 10 honeymoon places in Mexico promise memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. So, embark on this romantic journey and let Mexico’s beauty and charm create the perfect backdrop for your love story.

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